Tackling dog problems


Is your dog safe around children?
Does your dog have a tendency to display aggressive behaviour?
Does it constantly jump up at people?
Chase sheep, cars, bikes, joggers?
Pulls on a lead?
Comes back when it feels like it?
These are just some of the problems we encounter FREQUENTLY! Help is at hand!.
Available locally or nationally
My well established, first class, dog training area is approximately 14 acres in size and can create most scenarios in this area.
Our 4 star B&B property, Airds Farm, provides a comfortable relaxed atmosphere for both the owner and the dog during the residential training.
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Happy dogs, happy owners

There are simple solutions to help with dog behaviours.
I can show you these by offering:

  • Two sessions totalling three and a half hours (Occasionally a third session can be required depending on the behaviour of your dog)
  • Simple, structured, stress-free training concentrating on the three areas that I know issues occur
  • No food, no gimmicks training with inexpensive dog training equipment.
  • Livestock steady training.
  • Pre puppy purchase training.
  • Gun dog training techniques

Professional dog trainer based in Castle Douglas serving throughout Scotland and the UK