Professional dog training services based in South West Scotland. We can accomodate owner and/or dog no matter where you are based in the UK.

Having been involved with gun dog breeds for more than 35 years I am now able to use the experience I have gained to offer and provide professional, reward based, dog training for most breeds.

I am happy to help owners with both dog obedience training and various behavioural problems when necessary.  Training is carried out without the use of food treats but using positive reinforcement methods. Many problems the dog owner experiences including aggression, sheep chasing, and domination issues can be catered for. This can be done for most breeds. For further information please get in touch.
Best Dog trainers in Dumfries Galloway

Best Dog trainers in Dumfries Galloway

Best Dog trainers in Dumfries Galloway

Most breeds catered for!

I provide realistic solutions for your dog training issues and behavioural problems. I am passionate about all dog breeds, but specialise in gun dog breeds, especially spaniels.
Although I have more than thirty five years’ experience training gun dogs, I also studied for and achieved my diploma in Canine Psychology. I received the diploma in September 2009. I have a kind, no nonsense approach to dog training and use a reward system that the dog relates to. I use no gimmicks or “food treat” based training, I gain the dogs trust and work in three areas which I know cause issues, keeping the sessions structured and easy to follow.

How can we consistantly produce the results?

  • Various dog only residential options
  • Friendly, family run business
  • 4 Star B&B facilites for owner & dog
  • Newly built insulated kennel facilities
  • Realistically priced
  • One to one local dog training
  • Dog food and accessories on site
  • Cater for most breeds of dog
  • Lifelong experience with gun dog breeds.
  • We cater for clients both locally and nationally.
  • Over 10 acres of mixed training ground
  • Livestock training with poultry and sheep
  • Restriction on the amount of dogs in our care to maximise time with your dog

Are you looking for reliable, professional, dog training services?